Real Change will come from Humane Individuals and Societies

Nothing sounds better to me than to live in a world without conflict, where people of different ideologies, origins and preferences live side by side accepting one another or, at the very least, not getting in the ways of each other. That would be a better world but I am no fool, I do know […]

Les femmes sont au coeur du renouvellement dans l'authentique!

Penser au rôle des femmes en relation au renouvellement des mentalités, des moeurs et des systèmes socio-politiques, me renvoie à penser en premier lieu aux changements qui ont eu lieu suite aux décennies de guerre physique au Liban et l’impact de celle-ci sur la situation des femmes et ‘ce qui a changé’  ou non… Le […]

A Community with a Common Vision and One Heart!

Living in a world that has achieved a certain level of equality and acceptance between gender, race, and religion, I can’t stop myself from pondering about the long journey that lies ahead in the old world. To think that in the span of a hundred years, so many beliefs and preset prejudices were torn, broken, […]