My name is Naya Zerez, from Aleppo (Syria) and I'm here to raise few questions about Human Rights!

My name is Naya Zerez, I’m from Aleppo, I came to Lebanon in order to pursue my studies in architecture at USEK, since we have a bad political situation in our beloved Syria, or, if I may call it “war”.  I’m here to raise few questions about human rights… The United Nations’ general assembly was […]

Le racisme au Liban: il est à craindre que la prise de conscience actuelle ne puisse changer la situation!

Chaque année, des milliers de migrants entrent au Liban pour y travailler dans des maisons de familles libanaises, ou en tant qu’employés non-qualifiés dans des entreprises privées. Environ 200.000 travailleurs migrants résident de manière permanente et travaillent légalement au Liban. Il est difficile d’estimer le nombre de travailleurs migrants illégaux qui semble être beaucoup plus […]

A Girl’s Honor

I wanted to talk about women’s right to give their nationality to their husbands and children in Lebanon, but i changed my mind while watching a TV episode of “Ahmar bl khatt el Aarid” (LBC)  about “virginity and marriage”. I was shocked when i heard of the miserable ideas and actions of different individuals who […]

Feminism and ad-Dajjal (the Anti-Christ)!

A quite shocking theory by Islamic scholar Imran Nazar Hosein concerning the relation between feminism and ad-Dajjal (the Anti-Christ)!! For those who are not familiar with Ad-Dajjal:  an evil figure in Islamic eschatology. He is to appear pretending to be the Messiah at a time before the Day of Judgment, comparable to the figures of […]


La mer m’ouvre ses voies impossibles qu’encerclent tes yeux. Ses ressacs crachent la nuit des temps que ton Absolu érige en désir, Ses profondeurs grondent la vie utérine de tes abîmes miroitant le monde, Ses marins tracent les hyperboles que tes dimensions rejettent dans les coques sémites. Tu brûles les voiles de la chaleur grisâtre […]

Celebrating Red Lips High Heels’ first anniversary!

In this perspective, I founded the Red Lips High Heels’ online movement in October 2012, gathering a group of individuals from various ethnic, religious, cultural, economic and political backgrounds, established in the region and especially in Lebanon, but also in diaspora. Academicians, lawyers, psychologists, artists, educators, employees of the private and public sectors, business women and […]

Let's talk about Sexual Harassment !

A (by Lebanese mena��s standards) sexy woman got on the bus today as I was heading home from work. Ia��m sure all day long a�?sexya�? women use public transportation to get to their desired destination. But, we dona��t really notice things unless theya��re in our face, happening right in front of us. Well, some of […]

Pourquoi les femmes se font toujours avoir?

Voici le titre d’un ouvrage que j’ai lu dernièrement, dont l’auteur est Yves Deloison, journaliste et blogueur français, un homme féministe que bien de nos co-citoyens machos et misogynes jugeraient “manquant de testostérone et de testicules”. Pourquoi les femmes se font toujours avoir? Je ne suis ni chaude ni froide à la vue de ce […]