Double Standards

When did weight become a national conversation? I have been living in Canada for the past 10 years, having left Lebanon when I was 25. Three months ago I decided to come back and give Lebanon another try. Ever since the first day I arrived in Lebanon, I was shocked to realize that all that […]

Mon histoire avec l'excision du clitoris

Je suis Leyla et je suis égyptienne. Je vous écris mon histoire en espérant que vous la publierez. Je vis actuellement au Québec où j’ai eu vent de votre projet extraordinaire qu’est ce blog et la page Facebook. Briser le silence, déconstruire les stéréotypes, offrir un savoir alternatif sur les femmes au Moyen-Orient, et varié! […]

Learning from the Past, Understanding the Present, Fighting for a better Future

The incomplete yet revealing journey to the past of Western Asia with a particular focus on womanhood made me realize the importance of pursuing the investigative process of the past at all levels, including the not so obvious ones, the unthought and unthinkable, in order to build constructive memories thus histories and identities. Most Western […]

Living in Hell

Him: ‘Go to hell!’ – While hitting my face… Me: Screaming – ‘I am already in hell!!!!” My name is Catharina (obviously not my real name for security reasons). I am Lebanese and I live in a quite fancy environment, with everything one can imagine possessing – mansion, maids, gardener, driver, luxurious cars, yacht … […]

Womanhood in Ancient Western Asia (Middle East): why is it important to study the past?

This is an excerpt of my book’s introduction ‘Womanhood in Western Asia: a Journey to the Past’, recently published in Arabic by Dar el-Machreq, Beirut, Lebanon. Book signing: December 13, 2013, 7 p.m., International Arab Book Fair (Biel, Beirut), Librairie Orientale stand. [hr] “In the nineteenth century, the central moral challenge was slavery. In the twentieth century, it […]