My story with incest. A story of ultimate revenge…

Dear Red Lips High Heels’ readers, I have a story to tell, as I am sure others will recognize themselves in its content. I am not writing just to express myself. I am writing because of others… Other men and women who were abused in their childhood, neglected, maltreated, physically, sexually, emotionally… I am writing […]

On Motherhood and Womanhood

Numerous are the times when I – and other women intellectuals and activists in Lebanon – am criticized for being a woman who ‘thinks’ (meaning challenges mainstream and traditional mindset and system) and ‘works’… ‘Why bother?’, ‘Women should only be sluts, housewives and mothers’, ‘Thinking gives bad ideas, like abandoning your husband and children’, ‘Working […]

Fairy Tales!

I started to think about this subject a year ago when I used to read old stories and Disney tales to my daughter. Hungry wolves, bad witches, scary monsters, greedy giants, heroic princes and  beautiful princesses, living happily ever after in a castle, served by hundreds of maids and low-class workers… Old stories with themes […]

How do mothers feel nowadays about the fashion industry, especially when it comes to childrena��s fashion?

When I was young, a little over a decade ago, my mother would be careful about how she dresses my sister and me. Girls would wear decent clothes. We wouldna��t see girls wearing tight t-shirts with explicit prints on them, we wouldna��t see girls wearing the shortest version of shorts or mini-skirts and we definitely […]


Miserable, unsatisfied, ill-disciplined, demanding, despotic and useless… Rude to their parents and other adults, acting bossy and refusing to share with other children, prone to excessive self-absorption, lack of self-control, anxiety and depression… Yet they get extravagant birthdays, Prada purses, Tiffany jewelry, designer clothes, etc. I am certain of the fact that many mothers – […]

Parenthood: “The greatest Gift”

No one prepares men or women for the reality of parenthood. We may find numerous books talking about it, giving advice and guiding our path step by step, but reality differs. Parenthood is a life changing that starts from the birth of our child and ends with us. It involves the transition from being selfish to being […]

Ita��s the Season, the Season of Gifts (A Tribute to Mothers)

The truth is that ita��s the birth of the Christ. If we think about it historically though, it is not the exact date. We even celebrate it on two different dates. And, we know that neither is accurate. But when was it exactly that Christmas lost its spiritual sense? When was it exactly that the […]

Gentille ou Bad Girl?

Je vous écris pour vous faire part d’un problème que je constate dans nos sociétés moyen-orientales marquées par la violence, les guerres, la haine, et… l’absence ou la rareté de gentillesse, de gratuité, de charité, de spontanéité. Je vis à Beyrouth et je voyage souvent à Dubai, au Caire, et au Koweit. La superficialité, le […]

Why am I still Reading Fairy Tales to my Daughter?

I thought of it a while ago while reading fairy tales to my five year old daughter. Wolves, witches, monsters, princes and princesses living happily ever after, having 10 kids and more… I found myself twisting theses stories in order to be closer to our reality and context: 21st century C.E., Lebanon (Western Asia). Old […]