Why do Men Fear Women?

This is not a philosophy question. I am just sharing my story while hoping others will answer the question ‘Why do Men Fear Women?’ based on their own experiences. I have been working for quite some time in the Arab world, between Lebanon, Syria (before the war) and the United Arab Emirates. Different companies, different […]

Real Change will come from Humane Individuals and Societies

Nothing sounds better to me than to live in a world without conflict, where people of different ideologies, origins and preferences live side by side accepting one another or, at the very least, not getting in the ways of each other. That would be a better world but I am no fool, I do know […]

Looking for Love ladies? Love yourselves first…

“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit” (Khalil Gibran) Women in the Arab world are usually rushed into arranged marriage, forbidden to love and be loved; or soaked in the culture of prince charming who will rescue the princess and live with her happily ever after, only to wake up from […]

Fairy Tales!

I started to think about this subject a year ago when I used to read old stories and Disney tales to my daughter. Hungry wolves, bad witches, scary monsters, greedy giants, heroic princes and  beautiful princesses, living happily ever after in a castle, served by hundreds of maids and low-class workers… Old stories with themes […]

Etre, Avoir, Penser, Vivre

Le Liban est en crise, une crise multiforme, et surtout,  philosophique et spirituelle. Celle-ci renvoie à des interrogations universelles : qu’est-ce qui peut être considéré comme un progrès véritable ? L’être humain peut-il/elle être heureux/se et vivre en harmonie avec autrui dans une civilisation construite autour de l’idéal de l’avoir ? Sans doute pas… Nous traversons une période […]