Real Change will come from Humane Individuals and Societies

Nothing sounds better to me than to live in a world without conflict, where people of different ideologies, origins and preferences live side by side accepting one another or, at the very least, not getting in the ways of each other. That would be a better world but I am no fool, I do know that thoughts of such a world are idealistic, if one is being kind, and naïve if one is being completely honest. The unfortunate truth is that the world will be no more just, nor kind, than it is and has been in the past. That is not because there is no solution but because the solution is difficult and we, humans, tend to shy away from difficulties.

When I try to understand the reasons behind the conflict tearing humanity apart, the only understanding I have of it is that at its roots, it is caused by greed whether economic or political. However, when I try to analyze reasons of conflict deeper I am left baffled. How are some [people] willing to commit unspeakable actions because of that greed while others would never? How are some willing to speak out and fight against the cruel, injustice that is mankind while others can be a part of it or just as harmfully turn a blind eye to it? How can some people be so blind to the fact that they are being played like puppets? And then I realize that for those answers I don’t need to look far away, I just need to be perfectly honest with myself.

I am aware that natural and manmade disasters occur often. I am also in a position to help but instead I find myself buying my own silence. I spare some change to a homeless person or I help someone in need and I justify to myself that I have done my good deed for the day. I sleep better at night knowing that I made a small sacrifice to make someone’s day a bit better, I convince myself that my good deed was enough and since I try my best to do no harm I am a good person. The fact of the matter is that deep down I know that is not the case. Doing no harm is not enough, to truly be a good person one must go beyond that and fight for those harmed by others.

 There is no greater evil than the silence of good men. In the case of conflict and peace, those who do not stand up for the victims are just as bad as the aggressors. When we do not defend victims, we help create a global social norm that it is okay to hurt others and that those that tread on the rights of others can do so and get away with it. 

It would be an understatement to call it an uphill battle but the fight for justice can be won. Not in a matter of days or few years, but if fought correctly, after generations it could. Children need to be raised with positive indoctrination to fight injustice, embrace diversity and live sustainably. When a disaster occurs in a country halfway across the globe it is easy to dismiss it and move on with your day but that is wrong. We should offer aid in whatever way we can and hope that others around us follow. We should embrace the responsibility to lead by example. When the luxuries of life tempt us, we should think twice before giving in to the capitalistic, materialistic lifestyle everything around us makes us believe we want. When we have belittling thoughts of someone because they are different, it is essential that we eliminate those thoughts until one day they are no longer or are replaced by positive ones.

I, like many others, refuse to fight for a cause when I believe it is a lost cause; however, what makes it a lost cause? If someone is right and their cause is worth fighting for, what leaves them with no hope to emerge victorious is the lack of support, in other words, the silence of good men. If injustice learns that it will be fought with the noblest yet most tenacious fighters it will dissipate to a few occurrences here and there rather than flood the world like it does today.

I bow down to those who have taken up humanitarian causes and make them their lives’ mission/s. They have reached the epitome of enlightenment when they devote their lives to the improvement of others’. Only when more people start caring as mankind as a whole rather than their selfish short-sighted goals driven by greed will we see any real change towards a better future, where humans are actually humane.

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