Relevons-nous! Que le Liban advienne!

Assir et les mouvements salafistes au Liban… Le choc meurtrier avec l’armée libanaise… Les conflits inter-politiques et intra-religieux… L’implication de Libanais dans la guerre en Syrie… L’impact de cette guerre sur l’économie et la stabilité du Liban… Un Etat paralysé et un peuple en grande majorité léthargique… La corruption, la décadence… La liste des négativités […]

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Mirrors, such a shallow reflection… When you live in Lebanon, where physical beauty following particular standards has become your ticket to ‘success’ (fine marriage, fine job, good connections, more money,….) or at least your guarantee to be ‘accepted’ by others, the pressure can be often unbearable, leading to:  Insecurities, Depression, Anxiety, Extreme Eating disorders, Narcissism, […]

A glimpse at the Battle of the Sexes

I recently got into this new life; the working class. And it is in this domain that Ia��ve seen and heard of sexual harassment, any kind of harassment actually. It is also in this domain that Ia��ve met young men and women, who would be considered to be the youth and part of the upcoming […]

Nulle nation à l’horizon sans conciliation des libertés individuelles et appartenances communautaires!

Je parle du Liban évidemment, à la lumière de son histoire contemporaine, mais aussi en retournant aussi loin qu’à ces chers ‘ancêtres’ dits les Cananéens, aussi divisés et à la merci des puissances régionales de l’époque qu’une majeure partie de mes compatriotes. Nation libanaise? Une chimère! La nation suppose l’unité dans la diversité, une mémoire […]

One Morning at the Lebanese University : the Essence of Smiles

Festooned with scars, dirty walls, silence and drillers, on the side of the corridor, a happy cockroach that’d died with a smile on his moustache, a hallway, a room, then a hallway then another room… We went, my friend and I, she a professor of religious studies, I a professor of philosophy, festooned with curriculum […]

Like a Grain of Salt (انتم ملح الأرض‎)

  In our colorful life of different shades of greens, reds and blues, we trace our individuality. We create the cocoon in which we survive and in it, is born our world of imagination, vision and dreams. Like a priceless treasure, we learn and grow to protect our inner richness and value. We are the […]

Thinking of joining the Lebanese University’s teaching force? Think again!!

This is what my colleague and I were told this morning, while trying to apply for teaching positions at the Lebanese University, proud of our respective 20+ pages CVs and countless publications. The secretary in charge of receiving the applications looked at us, laughing, cynically: “Why do you want to apply to this university? Professors […]

أين الإبداع؟

لقد بدأت فترة الإمتحانات في المدارس والجامعات في لبنان  ومعها الخوف من السقوط والرغبة في النجاح. لا يتربى الطفل أو الطفلة على إتقان العمل الإبداعي، على إنتاج الفكر والعمل لأجل مصلحة الوطن، بل طمعاً في النجاح أو خوفاً من الفشل. يتربى الشاب أو الشابة على الترغيب في المكافأة والترهيب بالعقاب، والطمع في الجنة والخوف من […]

La guerre continue…

Cyclones de décadence, les exterminations se succèdent, les armes fusent de partout, plus l’humanité se sophistique, moins la folie s’estompe. Les périodes de paix? Des accidents de l’histoire, des fleuves de sang versé, la misère, l’hécatombe, et l’indignation ne peut rien y faire. La guerre continue… Et pourtant, l’hiver semble plier bagage… Dès les premières […]

How I Do Feminism

I will not focus here on answering the question of ‘why’ doing feminism in a closed circle with tiny windows, but I will definitely talk about the ‘how’ – in fact, the ‘how’ is related to the ‘why’ -: while seeing and defining ‘change’ from different yet complementary perspectives – as a professor and academic […]