Women’s Rights should be Prioritized and Addressed

In an era where robots are sense-perceptive, mobile phones have 3D touch capabilities, and cars can drive with little human interference, it disappoints me to see how little opportunities to grow or be identified as an equal the MENA*[1] region has presented for women. As an Arab woman, I myself have seen the struggles women […]

Fairness Creams Expose the Ugly Truth

You’re flipping through channels on TV and you find yourself watching a commercial where a woman is at a job interview. She does not get the job. Two weeks later, after using a whitening cream that made her six shades lighter, she goes back for the same interview. This time, she gets the job. The […]

قول فتاةٍ شمطاء

  :القول في ما لا يقال كلماتي كاذبة !آهٍ كم أحبُّها كلماتي كجسدي تستودع من يلمسها ،فتخرج حبّاً في متاهات المعرفة سراجاً يضيء لمن خسر الهاوية .فسامره الكلام في زاويةٍ غاوية يرفع كلامي عينيه نحو أرضٍ باقية ترضخ لها السماوات الزائلة .فتهزؤ منها نشواتي العائدة أقوالي أفعالٌ تخشاها الأمثلة تحملها الأحلام نحو يقظاتٍ مستعجِبة ترضِخُ […]

My story with Arranged Marriages

“I never knew that I would be able to write about my experience as a woman of this community. I’m here today because of it, I’m here because it has made me who I am today: a woman trying to embody the ideals of both the West and East, a constant struggle, a constant obstacle- […]

Because it’s 2015!

P.M. Justin Trudeau gives Canada a first cabinet with ethnically diverse ministers and an equal number of men and women, and in my home country, Lebanon, women can’t even confer their nationality to their husbands or children. As a naturalized Canadian citizen, I am proud of the gender equality under the law in the land […]