Mon histoire avec l'excision du clitoris

Je suis Leyla et je suis égyptienne. Je vous écris mon histoire en espérant que vous la publierez. Je vis actuellement au Québec où j’ai eu vent de votre projet extraordinaire qu’est ce blog et la page Facebook. Briser le silence, déconstruire les stéréotypes, offrir un savoir alternatif sur les femmes au Moyen-Orient, et varié! […]

Leta��s start by teaching our sons not to rape!

The articles we see surfacing the web about womena��s issues are increasing day by day. Writers, authors and bloggers are tackling a wide range of subjects; one of which is rape. Rape is the extreme case of sexual harassment. It is a violation of basic human rights. There have been numerous attempts by different societies […]

About Premarital Sex and Sexism! My opinion

Many debates have taken place recently, especially in the Middle East, and many articles have been talking about sex before marriage. But the thing is, despite what the majority’s opinion is, it always concerns women… Can women have any sexual relations before marriage? Or is it a death penalty in religions? What does God have […]

A Girl’s Honor

I wanted to talk about women’s right to give their nationality to their husbands and children in Lebanon, but i changed my mind while watching a TV episode of “Ahmar bl khatt el Aarid” (LBC)  about “virginity and marriage”. I was shocked when i heard of the miserable ideas and actions of different individuals who […]


La mer m’ouvre ses voies impossibles qu’encerclent tes yeux. Ses ressacs crachent la nuit des temps que ton Absolu érige en désir, Ses profondeurs grondent la vie utérine de tes abîmes miroitant le monde, Ses marins tracent les hyperboles que tes dimensions rejettent dans les coques sémites. Tu brûles les voiles de la chaleur grisâtre […]

Let's talk about Sexual Harassment !

A (by Lebanese mena��s standards) sexy woman got on the bus today as I was heading home from work. Ia��m sure all day long a�?sexya�? women use public transportation to get to their desired destination. But, we dona��t really notice things unless theya��re in our face, happening right in front of us. Well, some of […]

Ania Lisewska… "Not in Lebanon!"

Ita��s been on national television for a couple of days now. Shea��s become what everybody talks about: the girl who wants to have sex with a 100 000 men. People dona��t bother to remember her name; shea��s just that girl that is sex crazed. Ania Lisewska. She is 21 years old, in a long term […]