Why not an "Emergency State" in Lebanon?

What happens when a society no longer knows the meaning of an Emergency State?A�It seems that this is what we have come to.

Another news about an explosion blasting a certain area and the usual happens: we spend the first 10 minutes in disbelief and panic, we shift from one local TV channel to the other, we surf the net and try and get faster information, we make phone calls and send messages to family and friends to make sure they are safe, we panic a little more because the lines are either busy or there is no connection. And we keep on watching the news (can it still be called news?!), watching the politiciansa�� reactions (the usual condemnation of the situation), learning if it was an assassination attempt (failed or successful), and, waiting for the body count of injured and a�?martyrsa�? to rise…

This sounds like a very bad cycle that we have gotten accustomed to. We are waiting for the next explosion and doing the same routine from A to Z all over again. And in the meantime we are living, or actually we are merely existing. We are letting life pass us by as we wait for the next disaster. And we count down every time.

Mothers get worried; they tell us to always keep our phones with us, just in case. We get worried as well, when we know friends are near whichever area was the lucky one with the last terror attack. And then, we are careful for a day or two, our parents tell us to be careful and I actually wonder: how can we be careful when these attacks are random and not aimed at a specific group of people? Sometimes they are assassinations, sometimes they are simply to terrorize people; either way we may know who are threatened but we cannot know the areas under attack. We could stay home, and if home happens to be a target area it is just as unsafe as the streets are. But how have we gotten used to all of this? Abroad, if there is an explosion people panic, they feel fear, people stand up and try to fight back, asking for a solution and demanding an answer. While all we do is grief, and, we have been grieving since the civil war…

How many of us know what an emergency state is? a�?A government can declare a state of emergency during a time of natural or man-made disaster, during a period of civil unrest, or following a declaration of war or situation of international/internal armed conflict.a�?

The better fitting question is: what government?

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  1. Unfortunately, we do not have a nation. We do not have a ‘we’. We do not have a common identity. And our State is paralyzed and corrupted.

  2. What government?
    working all for foreign powers.
    Following their personal interests and agendas.
    wondering why the Lebanese people isn’t aware and does something about it!

  3. Mario, Lebanese are divided between 8 and 14 March. There are few independent, unfortunately.
    Unless a new movement breaks the cycle of violence and corruption, nothing will change.

  4. Great words and points Hermes. I used to see the intense fear in the eyes of Lebanese when I would ask about developing Lebanon, never was it spoken about, the fear ran through the land like a rope you could cut, the success of oppression. The censoring was so intense by Syria it was illegal to even own a map of Lebanon, I was nearly arrested for requesting one. Do not forget how much progress has been made in a decade and the depth of darkness Lebanon is emerging from, there is still much work to do but the horse has run free and none can catch and break him now!
    These days I see people talking about these things, catching up on years of neglect from forced silence. Lebanon will keep growing strong, despite what is sent to destroy. I am confident in this because I see people talking, something they never did, because they are no longer afraid.

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