Like a Grain of Salt (انتم ملح الأرض‎)

In our colorful life of different shades of greens, reds and blues, we trace our individuality.
We create the cocoon in which we survive and in it, is born our world of imagination, vision and dreams.
Like a priceless treasure, we learn and grow to protect our inner richness and value.

We are the salt of the earth…
We bring meaning and flavor to the bland common life that surrounds us.
Like a grain of salt, we dissolve ourselves in the ocean of humanity satiating the hunger of our brothers and sisters.
Like a grain of salt, we seem to belong, but we are different, not from this world.
Like a grain of salt, when called upon by the scorching sun, we recover our shape and are offered at the table of the One who shakes the hearts with His love, and whose Spirit inhabits the dwellings of his children…
Painting by Katia Aoun Hage (pastel and charcoal)

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  1. Thank you Katia!
    So ‘like a grain of salt’ doesn’t mean at all ‘Take it with a grain of salt’ or don’t take it as a gospel! – “Don’t believe everything you read” i.e. a kind of warning to stay slightly skeptical about the information one have just been given.

  2. and strange to notice that salt was taken at a time to assist in swallowing a poison. The Roman general Pompey believed he could make himself immune to poison by ingesting small amounts of various poisons, and he took this treatment with a grain of salt to help him swallow the poison.

  3. Love the painting, and the accompanying words…
    ‘Dissolving in the ocean of love’…
    Love is in us and we are one in love.

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