Do Women have a Fragile Sense of Self-esteem?

Fragility of women and men in the Middle EastI was captivated by your quote Dr. Pamela Chrabieh on Red Lips High Heels’ Facebook Page concerning the fragility versus antifragility dynamics, and their relation to gender issues. I strongly believe that both man and woman can be fragile and antifragile, depending on every situation and their environment and the support they get, and their will to fight, etc. I also strongly disagree with people saying that women have a fragile sense of self-esteem. I watched yesterday evening on a local Lebanese channel ‘Miss Arab overweight 2013′ and I was struck by the high level of positive energy those women have. Not ashamed of their bodies… Not relying on others’ opinion to be fulfilled and happy.

I live in the Middle East, and I see oppressed women around me. Basic rights are still not obtained in many countries. There are of course women who tend to be insecure. They want to be considered positively and they base more of their self-esteem on their perception of the image that other people have of them. They guard their pride with great jealousy and try to ensure that every reference to themselves makes them look like a diamond ring inside a velvet-lined jewelry case. Still, many men have also low esteem issues. Both man and woman can ask that society takes responsibility for their self esteem. Apparently magazines and other media are to blame for how a woman feels about herself, and a man too.

True we live in a globalized world and our identities are built on the basis of our relations to others… Still, fragility, as you said Dr., isn’t a ‘woman thing’. It’s a ‘human thing’!


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