Family Honor and Women: an Unfinished Business

By Dr. PAMELA CHRABIEH and MARIANNE BADINE In many societies, family honor related to virginity became an outdated issue. However, in most Western Asian and North African cultures for example, horrific realities prevail. “Honor murders” occur in cities and villages, in poor neighborhoods and upper social classes. These murders are based on the belief that […]

About the Current Situations of Women in the Middle East

I have been following closely the “Uprising of Women in the Arab World” Facebook Campaign. Somehow, most testimonies reflect my concerns. As a Western Asian woman, but also as a university professor, researcher, author, artist and activist, in one of the most Patriarchal institutions i.e. the Religious circle of knowledge production, I can assure my […]

Une Guerre contre les Femmes au Moyen-Orient?

Selon une croyance répandue, l’humanité est passée d’un état de sauvagerie où les hommes des cavernes traînaient les femmes par les cheveux à une civilisation où ils leur ouvrent galamment les portes. Or, la réalité n’est pas faite de blanc ou noir, mais de zones grises… Je m’inspire ici du fameux ouvrage de Marylin French […]

The Revolution of Mentalities and the Appropriation of the Female body

Sustainable revolutions in the Middle East, and especially in the Arab World, begin with a revolution of mentalities, and the latter is based on many pillars, including the re-appropriation of the Female body.  A body being in most cases oppressed, utilized, objectified, mutilated, excessively covered or uncovered… both for individual gratification and political/economical ends. Such violence […]