Addiction to Words

It falls on our shoulders to start writing and speaking truths that we have come to know and understand about our region. Even though we live miles apart, our hearts still beat the same song and our longing for peace is always present.

Words can divide. They build walls of judgment and misconceptions. They imprison our faculties to think and act. When these words confine people in boxes, they ought to be burnt by the flames of compassion. Once they are tinged with those colors, words uplift and bring human beings together. One way to fashion our words is to put them in the mold of kindness. This will create the understanding necessary to build together a society which trusts in its members to uphold it and carry on for the sake of future generations.

For what is really the goal of a society if it wasn’t to create an environment where everyone can be their true selves, gifting themselves to each other and to what surrounds them. Words make us connect, and actions allow us to sink into reality. Once the realization of things comes to mind, it is necessary to continue through with the necessary deeds to bring fruition to our beliefs.

We have become addicted to our thoughts and pious expressions. We have become interlaced with expressions and philosophical terms. The body has been disconnected from the mind. It has become a second class citizen of the soul. We have drugged our senses of what exists around us to follow ghosts of wishes.

Time is running out. It is urging us to connect, to bring thoughts into real movements. Our bodies, our warmth, our hands have the ability to heal and restore our world. Every day, with every breath, as we bring our senses back to reality, to feel again the urges of the world around us, we become aware of the call to act. With every gesture that emanates from our being, we become agents of change and engage ourselves in the struggle of life.

It is time to face our realities. How much easier will it be if we all do it together?

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