Flowers on the Earth

Flowers on the Earth
Women are born…
We are born to a world of diamonds and gold… oppression, suppression, segregation, prejudice, control…….domination.
As women, we are pushed, shoved, tricked, swindled, abused, used, entertained, pacified…harnessed.
Pulled, prodded, bought, sold, exchanged, manipulated, followed, forgotten…..stolen.
We are paid less, we work more, and we run the worlds of men.
We fight to filter the endless messages of worthlessness which become all consuming if we do not follow strict guidelines of the status quo……the only measure that is used for our gender.
Our gender brings never ending offerings of masculine chauvinism…. a factory of clones, all wearing different war paint. War is waged on women and women are born to carry it.
Some of our kind received a counted voice, an acknowledgement….permission to shine.
So I chase my dreams, I follow my heart, honor my destiny, embrace my now…..I serve my Maker.

Woman’s true nature is a deeply guarded secret…..a mystery on the earth which is yet to be realized.
Some women never receive a looking glass…they fail to catch a glimpse of the grace which sustains them.
Weaving dreams, supporting destinies, designing choices……heart craft, home craft, our craft.

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