Ania Lisewska… "Not in Lebanon!"

Ita��s been on national television for a couple of days now. Shea��s become what everybody talks about: the girl who wants to have sex with a 100 000 men. People dona��t bother to remember her name; shea��s just that girl that is sex crazed. Ania Lisewska.

She is 21 years old, in a long term relationship and she had been planning on travelling the world and bedding a 100 000 men, with the hopes of at least 1 from each major city. The Arab world was on her map. But, many countries denied her access to their territories. A couple of days ago, the news broke out in our surroundings with religious groups starting to protest, and Aniaa��s visit to Lebanon is no longer allowed.

At work, colleagues have been discussing this subject for two days now. Why is she doing this? How does it work? How long would it take? What are the rules? Is she getting paid? How can they be sure that she actually had sex with all 100 000 men? What would happen if she comes to Lebanon? Could she die from all the sex? What if she caught a sexually transmitted disease? What if she got pregnant? All these questions sound legit, but only one question comes to my mind: why is she doing this?

To me, wanting to have fun is not a valid reason to intentionally get yourself screwed, no pun intended. This is a 21 year old girl who claims to be doing this because anybody who is out about their sex life in Poland is labeled as a whore, because sex is a taboo subject, because I assume she wants to break the ice and be the starting point of something. Of what, though? This brings back the days of Femen when theya��d go to extremes to try to get a point across, and sadly enough most of the time the message was blurred by images of topless women. And now, with Aniaa��s adventure, what is the message? And, is it getting across? 100 000 is a huge number, and truth be told, it will have a huge impact on that young girla��s body. What about mentally? In what mental state can such a girl be to want to have sex with a 100 000 strangers and give each one their time, while having a boyfriend?A�

Leta��s leave room for opinions and comments below.

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  1. Thank you Hermes! So many questions need to be answered… and so many taboos need to be decontructed…: hypocrisy of the Lebanese society – in large parts -, double standards concerning sexuality – needless to remind the public opinion about the thousands of sex workers coming to Lebanon and working under the ‘exotic dancer’ or ‘artist’ label etc. Our relation to our bodies, power dynamics, and sexuality… Health issues…
    The Daily Star published yesterday an article stating Lebanon has yet to make a decision whether to grant a visa to Ania Lisewska, a Polish woman on a quest to have sex with 100,000 men, according to General Security source, following media reports that the agency would bar the Pole entry to the country. Earlier this month, reports of a planned visit by Lisewska to Egypt sparked uproar from Islamists in the Arab state. Other reports this month said Lisewska had been granted access to Iraq.
    The head of the Catholic Media Center, Abdo Abu Kasm, urged Lebanese officials and General Security to bar Lisewska from entering Lebanon, saying her campaign was immoral.
    “This [plan by Lisewska] falls within the framework of moral decay, far from the values of Lebanese Christians and Muslim,” he said.
    “Lebanon is the land of holiness and the ‘message’ and not the Amsterdam of the East as some like to say.”
    I’m sorry… but how could Lebanon be the land of holiness? Corruption, wars, human trafficking, torture, no human rights, no rule of the Law, militias, social injustices, economic and environmental crisis, etc. I think it’s time we take a deep look at our society, be humble and work on fixing the chaos we live in!

  2. I agree Hermes!
    and also with Dr. Chrabieh!
    time to say enough to Lebanese narcissism, deconstruct our taboos, and work on reforming the war and corruption mentality.
    ‘Lebanon the most beautiful country in the world and Lebanese the most intelligent’? Please… Enough!
    ‘Lebanese values are the best’????? Is this a joke? A bad one…
    Yes there are Lebanese who have nice humane values, but the society in general is decadent! In its mind and physique! And mentally sick!

  3. You are definitely right! I guess the Lebanese don’t like it when something is in the spotlight. We have so many awful things happening on a daily basis all around our country but of course we don’t speak of them or even acknowledge their existence. The legal cabarets, the illegal ones too, the wars, the civil ones, the racism, the sexism, the attacks, the violations of human rights, the judgmental religious institutions, etc…
    We are worried about religious stance and holly standards while we have marriages that result in women being considered as half a human being and where marital rape is not even recognized to be rape. And we are still worried about the holiness of our beloved Lebanon?
    Thank you Pamela for sharing! 🙂

  4. It seems that this case, isn’t important in itself, yet it opens the Pandora box of societies’ unanswered questions and shows how much people are repressed or are repressing major issues. It’s healthy to talk about everything, to dialogue, and to find solutions.
    Good work 🙂

  5. Yes let’s talk about ‘Lebanese values’!!
    What are those values??
    Hommos, tabboulé, narguilé, machawi and the chabeb?
    za3amat, sexism, racism, sectarianism, violence, hatred?
    where are the values of dialogue, modesty, hardworking, charity, compassion?
    some carry those values, but many don’t!

  6. “he question though is why ban her? Is what she’s doing considered prostitution? I don’t think so – not that prostitution is illegal in Lebanon to begin with. Odds are the man she decides to sleep with here will remain anonymous unless, which is probably the case, he decides to make his identity public. He won’t be paying her and she won’t be engaging in any form of public indecency.
    Are we supposed to be up in a fit because what she’s doing doesn’t fit with our higher order morale code? I can think of way too many things taking place in Lebanon on daily basis that are allowed, that do not fit any form of morality and that many of us still accept. Except talking about sex – about women having sex and discussing their sex life openly – will always be a taboo around here and a mark of shame. Public order rests on a vagina with an intact hymen, preferably.
    Ania Lisewska – her name is a mouthful, no pun – won’t be coming here – no pun. Our country’s morales are saved.”

  7. I agree that her way of doing things, and Femen’s, do not serve feminist causes and movements.
    Still, i also agree that not allowing her to come to Lebanon is a huge mistake.

  8. Women talking about their sex life openly!
    Of course this is taboo here
    What did you expect?
    When the Mufti rejects a law project against domestic violence, saying that beating one’s wife is a guarantee of the ‘unity of the family’, what do you expect?
    When practically all religious leaders here do not say the opposite, what do you expect?
    When indeed, the honor of families, communities, and the honor of a country, is based on women’s sexuality, and their VIRGINITY, what do you expect?
    and shall I remind those who judge women for their honesty, even if it involves a huge amount of sexual activity, that Jesus-Christ was the one who forgave a woman in adultery: “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her” !!

  9. Sorry Rim but sexuality should not be the subject of a public/national tribunal. She is free to do what pleases her. The problem in this society is that people judge others before judging themselves. We all have our defaults and many are even murderers, rapers, criminals…

  10. Love this blog!
    and the heated debates 😉
    I’m for liberty of expression, as long as we are all respectful of each other.

  11. Oh My Goodness I cant believe this woman, or should I say I knew she was coming it even predicts her in the Bible
    God pretty much confirms that there is a “Jezebel spirit” when he mentions the name in the book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible and the one about end time things. “But I have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads My bond-servants astray so that they commit acts of immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols.” (Revelation 2:20)

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