Femmes et Révolution au Liban

Dr. Pamela Chrabieh – Beyrouth La révolution du 17 octobre 2019 fut l’occasion pour de nombreuses femmes libanaises de toutes appartenances et générations d’élever leurs voix. La plupart de ces femmes revendiquent les mêmes droits que ceux des hommes, notamment le droit à une vie digne, une société inclusive, une meilleure gestion socio-politique de la […]

Women’s Rights should be Prioritized and Addressed

In an era where robots are sense-perceptive, mobile phones have 3D touch capabilities, and cars can drive with little human interference, it disappoints me to see how little opportunities to grow or be identified as an equal the MENA*[1] region has presented for women. As an Arab woman, I myself have seen the struggles women […]

It's Always an Exception When It Comes to Women's Rights, Isn't It?

مش وقتا ‘Mich Wa2ta’ (Lebanese saying for ‘This is not the time to…’) is a national slogan in Lebanon used on several occasions by people of different social-economic, political and religious backgrounds. Quite understandable in a country torn by cycles of physical and psychological wars, corruption, a dysfunctional system of diversity management, the reign of […]


On en a trop parlé de ce sujet qui nous turlupine à un point tel de nous donner un vertige tenace. La femme libanaise, ses joues refaites, ses rondeurs surfaites, son 4×4 avançant contre vents et marées (de pauvres bagnoles qui pétaradent sur l’autoroute) avec l’envie cuisante d’arriver à point à ce rendez-vous de beauté… […]

“Watte Sawtik !! Skete !! Khrasse!!” وطي صوتك ! سكتي ! خرسي – The Culture of Silence

“Keep your suffering locked in your heart; unveiled suffering is scandal and dishonor”. “Behind every great man is a woman”. “A woman’s weapon is her tears”. “Sois belle et tais-toi!” Most women in Lebanon and Western Asia are taught to be powerless, docile, weak, to serve and obey, to be followers not leaders, to be […]

What about Marital Rape?

I thought of writing this post a while ago, when students of mine were talking about marital rape as if it was a futile subject to tackle, claiming that women have the obligation of satisfying their husbands’ sexual needs (‘sex is a wifely duty’), that their own desire and consent do not matter, that God […]

لا للعنف… لا للصمت

يحتفل العالم اليوم بيوم المرأة، تكرّم سيّدات رائدات في مجالهنّ، تقام الندوات والمؤتمرات التي تناقش حقوق المرأة، وطموحاتها، وانجازاتها في الميادين السياسية والاجتماعيّة والاقتصاديّة كافّة. يغيّر محرك البحث جوجل Google شكل صفحته الرئيسيّة احتفالًا بالمناسبة.           ولكن في زاوية مظلمة، في مكان ما، امراة لا تشارك بمظاهر الاحتفال. امرأة يضربها زوجها بوحشيّة، يغتصبها ان لم […]

Women’s Citizenship Rights in Lebanon

When I think of Lebanon and compare it to other countries also found in Western Asia, I consider it far less restrictive concerning the women’s right point of view. However, seeing women with all kinds of plastic surgeries, driving fancy cars and going out every night does not necessarily mean that they have the freedom they […]

Battered …Still Undefeated

To wear your love… Thorns that crown my head and glide your ring… A noose around my neck To bear your seed… A burden in my womb To carve your name… A curse upon my tomb.   To share your faith But demonize your God And quench this thirst That I have long begot.   […]

Women… Bring Back Love!

I thought you would never know my fears… My darkness and those places in between… Battered, rejected, ignored, undeserving of your sight Voiceless, locked under armors of discipline and social politeness Motionless, restrained movements, tied up with dos and don’ts Separated from within: soul, mind, and body Ripped away from the inner self How can […]