Battered …Still Undefeated

To wear your love… Thorns that crown my head and glide your ring… A noose around my neck To bear your seed… A burden in my womb To carve your name… A curse upon my tomb.   To share your faith But demonize your God And quench this thirst That I have long begot.   […]

Women… Bring Back Love!

I thought you would never know my fears… My darkness and those places in between… Battered, rejected, ignored, undeserving of your sight Voiceless, locked under armors of discipline and social politeness Motionless, restrained movements, tied up with dos and don’ts Separated from within: soul, mind, and body Ripped away from the inner self How can […]

Femme, renais de tes cendres!

On t’a nommée : le sexe faible, Puis le beau sexe par euphémisme sournois. On t’a cristallisée On t’a imaginée Sylphide, égérie, mère… Et l’on a oublié que tu étais avant tout Femme ! Femme quand tu te déshabilles pour faire l’amour, Femme quand tu souris pour la vie, Femme quand ton intelligence éclate comme des bourgeons, […]

Every Woman/Human Being Makes a Difference

“International Women’s Day” (March 8) will be celebrated this year in many countries around the world, including Lebanon and Western Asia. This Day recognizes women for their achievements, their struggles and their diversity. It is also an occasion for looking ahead to the untapped potential and opportunities that await future generations of women, while diligently reminding […]