Hidden Hurt No More! "Amal": a story of domestic violence and marital rape in Lebanon

‘Amal’ is the story of a young pregnant woman holding the same name, who wants to escape from the violent grips of her abusive insanely possessive husband, but it turns out that her freedom carries a very high price. The term Amal also has a connotation of hope in Arabic, and this is the main […]

What about Marital Rape?

I thought of writing this post a while ago, when students of mine were talking about marital rape as if it was a futile subject to tackle, claiming that women have the obligation of satisfying their husbands’ sexual needs (‘sex is a wifely duty’), that their own desire and consent do not matter, that God […]

Living in Hell

Him: ‘Go to hell!’ – While hitting my face… Me: Screaming – ‘I am already in hell!!!!” My name is Catharina (obviously not my real name for security reasons). I am Lebanese and I live in a quite fancy environment, with everything one can imagine possessing – mansion, maids, gardener, driver, luxurious cars, yacht … […]

قصتي مع العنف

  في معظم الأوقات اكتب يومياتي،لكن لن أحاول ولو مرةً واحدة الرجوع إليها وإعادة قرأتها.لكن تختلف المناسبة اليوم.سأروي قصتي لمرة الأولى،بجرأةٍ وصدق لتأكيد لكم مدى أهمية وجود أي قانون يحمي المرأة من العنف ومن هذا المجتمع البدائي.       ما أصعب التكلم عن حدث لطالما حاولت جاهداً  غض النظر عنه ونسيانه…كانت عينيها تدمعان وهي تحاول تذكر ما اهانى […]

October is set on the calendar as a�?Domestic Violence Awareness Montha�?

How truly public is domestic violence in Lebanon? We hear stories about women abused in their homes, we might even know a couple but we are forced to feel that there is nothing we can do about it. Our hands are tied when the law is against common sense.A� A friend of mine, while on […]