A Girl’s Honor

I wanted to talk about women’s right to give their nationality to their husbands and children in Lebanon, but i changed my mind while watching a TV episode of “Ahmar bl khatt el Aarid” (LBC)  about “virginity and marriage”. I was shocked when i heard of the miserable ideas and actions of different individuals who […]

Let's talk about Sexual Harassment !

A (by Lebanese mena��s standards) sexy woman got on the bus today as I was heading home from work. Ia��m sure all day long a�?sexya�? women use public transportation to get to their desired destination. But, we dona��t really notice things unless theya��re in our face, happening right in front of us. Well, some of […]

October is set on the calendar as a�?Domestic Violence Awareness Montha�?

How truly public is domestic violence in Lebanon? We hear stories about women abused in their homes, we might even know a couple but we are forced to feel that there is nothing we can do about it. Our hands are tied when the law is against common sense.A� A friend of mine, while on […]

All-Men Societies? The End of Humanity…

Will there be a sex war in the upcoming years of the 21st century? Has it already started? When parents are able to choose the sex of their child using in vitro fertilization (IVF) and artificial insemination (AI), and world statistics show that boys are preferred, especially in conservative and highly patriarchal societies – such […]

What is Obscenity?

I am sharing a message i received this morning without mentioning its source: “Isn’t it obscene to talk about sexuality, i mean mentioning and studying words like ‘vagina’ and ‘phallus’? Do you really need to do it, you feminists? Can’t you just talk about beauty, kids, cooking and shopping like other normal women would do?” […]

Elle obéit…

Par Davina Maria Silence Obéissance Il crie Elle se tait Un coup de fouet Elle prie Malheur Douleur Orage à l’interieur Plaies et ecchymoses Visage blessé et regard morose Elle aimerait bien s’échapper et partir loin Mais elle n’avait pas le choix et ne possédait rien Et elle risquait de souffrir en martyr s’il retrouvait […]

Flowers on the Earth

Flowers on the Earth Women are born… We are born to a world of diamonds and gold… oppression, suppression, segregation, prejudice, control…….domination. As women, we are pushed, shoved, tricked, swindled, abused, used, entertained, pacified…harnessed. Pulled, prodded, bought, sold, exchanged, manipulated, followed, forgotten…..stolen. We are paid less, we work more, and we run the worlds of […]

La sexualité sacrée: tabou 'repensable'

Quelle ne fut leur surprise en découvrant que le monde hindou regorge d’un mélange de plaisirs sexuels et de croyances religieuses, de servantes des dieux (les devasdasi) appartenant à un époux divin qu’elles étaient tenues de divertir et, pour que la jouissance soit parfaite, de combler charnellement – mais leur divin marie étant par nature […]

Conversations these days?

Avoiding the traffic and the stressful driving in Beirut, I always attempt to take a cab to work, college, and anywhere I’m going. In my architectural engineering studies, Public Transportation was one of the advanced courses I had to research, arriving to the result that the Lebanese public transportation system needs a total makeover, and […]

باميلا شرابيه: ما لا يقتلك يجعلك أقوى

My interview (El Nashra Finance) about Red Lips High Heels and Women’s Rights.  Excerpts:  – هل واجهت صعوبات خلال مسيرتك المهنية؟   واجهت الكراهية نحو النساء، الضمنية والواضحة، اضافة الى التمييز على أساس الجنس، وليس فقط كناشطة، ولكن أيضا باعتباري أكاديمية في المجال الديني والذي يعتبر، في بلدنا، ومنطقة الشرق الأوسط،  حكرا على “رجال” الدين. […]