Le Grand Rapt (Une analyse d’un fanatisme. A l’occasion de la montée du féminisme au Moyen-Orient)

Robert Fisk raconte: “The airline crew offered me a lift on their bus into Jalalabad, the same dusty frontier town I remembered from the previous July but this time with half its population missing. There were no women. Just occasionally I would catch site of them, cowled and burqa-ed in their shrouds, sometimes holding hands […]

Transnational Prostitution in the Middle East

I thought of writing this article when a friend of mine told me her nationality (Eastern European) is labeled ‘only good for prostitution’ in certain Arab countries. I knew prostitution is an ancient reality in the Middle East, still, I wasn’t aware of the growing phenomenon of transnational prostitution and the stereotyping of nationality and […]

Adultery in Lebanon: a Crime?

A question I have been asking for years , especially when I hear of women being publicly humiliated or murdered when caught in extra-marital relations or having sexual intercourse without being married, whereas men are generally ‘heroes’, or are easily forgiven for their acts – men are seen ‘naturally’ polygamous. Men and women are treated […]

Cab Driving and Sexual Harassment

How many times have we heard stories about cab drivers and their lack of ethics in Lebanon? They try to get more than a normal fee out of passengers to go from point A to point B. They surely overcharge foreigners. And, they engage in obscene conversations with guys and girls. The typical Lebanese cab […]

A Vindictive Husband! My story…

Many true stories about vindictive ex-spouses exist. I have heard about several men who have tried to destroy the reputation of their ex-wives with a ruthless and quite thorough assault on their public characters. These men have told lies to friends and family members, attempted to blackmail their former spouses by threatening to spread vicious […]

My Journey with Plastic Surgery is Over!

I began this journey with physical embellishment in my early 20s with Rhinoplasty or the nose job. In my 30s: breast augmentation, liposuction and eyelid lifts. In my 40s, a vaginal wall repair surgery after delivering two babies. My husband wasn’t happy with a wider vagina. Is he happy today? Not at all… What have […]

Sex Trafficking in Lebanon

Sex trafficking is considered to be part of human trafficking or modern-day slavery. Up to 27 million people are living in slavery around the world: women and men, girls and boys, and their stories remind us of the kind of inhumane treatment we are capable of as human beings. In 2012, Lebanon was among the […]

Manipulation: How to Spot it and What to Do about it?

Who can honestly say that he-she never manipulated someone else in his-her life and/or has never been manipulated? Etymologically, manipulation (from ‘manipulation’ in French and ultimately from ‘manipulus’ in Latin) refer to: treating or operating with or as if with the hands or by mechanical means (but this is not the content i am pointing […]

"داميتي" ضحية مِثْلُها كثيرات

لا نريد تعازيكم. لا نريد تعاطفكم الزائف. نطالب بتحركٍ فوريًّ لتشديد القوانين ضد العنف الجنسيّ”. هذا ما كُتِبَ على اللافتات التي حملها المتظاهرون في الهند احتجاجًا على حادثة الاغتصاب الجماعيّ التي تعرّضت لها فتاة هنديّة في حافلة  عامة. في التفاصيل أنّ الفتاة الهنديّة، وهي طالبة جامعيّة تدرس العلاج الفيزيائي في إحدى جامعات نيودلهي، كانت قد استقلّت […]

Hideous Sexism – Pranks on National Television

DISCLAIMER: This article is not an attack on anybody in particular. This is a mere presentation of an opinion drawn after hearing about a prank. a�?Jerks in masks try to grab girls in the nighta�?. This is the way a friend of mine described a prank that was aired on national television. I searched for […]