I was born a girl…

I was born a girl…

“Born a girl” means being judged by my family and relatives for who enters or not “the place” – a “place” where my entire family’s value and honor lay, i.e. “between my legs”. “Between my legs” is my father’s honor, my sisters’, my uncles’, yeah everyone in my ‘tribe’. The only one who has the power to enter that area must be approved by them or forced on by them. So you go through life knowing that you are judged and crucified because of “the place between your legs”.

For me, honor is not that… Honor is to LOVE. For me value is to honor self value AND the value of others no matter their race, color, sexual orientation or religion. For me love should conquer EVERYTHING. But no, if a certain individual with a different religious affiliation falls in love with someone outside that religion then hell breaks loose and if it is a girl/woman then her name changes to a ‘whore’. Same if she falls in love with someone with a different color or race – what if she is a lesbian? Certainly that boys/men are judged horribly too when it comes to sexual orientation, but girls/women go through multiple channels of horrible situations.

I am a woman now… A shame to my family, but I will ALWAYS be proud of being/becoming a woman. I at least have the dignity to see further than race, color, religion and sexual orientation and choose my life and whoever I want in it….

“Between my legs” has nothing to do with your honor or value, dear family…. It has nothing to do with my honor or value either. That area is personal and none of your business, so take your shame elsewhere and leave me alone. I am a woman and it is time to FIGHT BACK!!!!

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