The Gravest Sin

The Gravest Sin
You declared
Endless adoration,
Now you kneel
Seeking salvation.
And the gift
I bestowed on you
Is now penance’
Sacrificial ewe.
Down it sinks
Casket in the soil.
The pious infidel
Pleads in turmoil,
While luring Eve-
Past sagacious, present fool,
Am your mirror;
The reflection of your soul.
Watch the coward then,
See him run
And see me fall.
The feeble hero
To his Maker
Watch me lure, entice
Then resign
To a fate of cruel design.
Gone my limb, part of my whole.
Tore the script and altered his role.
Promises retracted…
Words recanted…
Making amendments to his God,
The Ten Commandments he forgot
While in passion was consumed.
As for me?
I’ll sketch my path to Hades’ loft,
And bear the wrath to which I’m doomed.
But Carnal Love was not our sin;
Lovers’ lust is sanctioned.
Hypocrisy brought forth your ruin…
Mine?… just blind devotion.

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