Crazy World!

I read in a post on Facebook about “a dog who got a new chance at life”. How many human beings would like to be that dog and get a new chance at life?

Statistics, studies, numbers, researches, all come together to classify what and how to give a new chance to the person who gathers all courage and walks down the corridors of health away from depression, obsession and addiction. Professionals sit behind their well manicured masks to dissect the life, the emotions, the drive behind every movement and thought of their patient. Humanity is lost somewhere between the helper and the one seeking help. And most of the time, these protective walls become the prison where the human being drowns in the darkness that seems to grow more and more with every passing day.

We have forgotten the stories of courage and determination. We can read books on psychology and therapy and hide away the wisdom of ages told and retold to make sense of the human condition. In the old stories, those who endure and struggle are the ones to be crowned with the feathers of victory; those who dance with the ugly, the unknown, the deprived are the ones whose riches are bestowed upon; those who follow the call of their heart and brave the dragons are the ones deemed to rule the kingdoms. But in today’s stories, these are the ones who must be drugged so they are rendered insensible; these are the ones who must be put in an asylum because they are so passionate that they forget to feed and care for themselves; these are the ones to be a ‘mascarade’ because they do not follow the rules of the sane society.

Welcome to the crazy world, once hailed as the world of the brave, the strong and the wise.

Something went completely ballistic in this picture… When will we give our brother and sister their chance at life again? When will we offer our humanity instead of our numbers to meet the one that exists in the other with open heart? When will we allow ourselves to be touched by the seekers of truth and the lovers of life?

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