About Books, Movies and Youth…

Dr. Pamela Chrabieh argues that there is a link between our young generationa��s attitude and reading (The Age of Neo-Illiteracy is a must read!). Ia��d like to take it a step further even…A� How many young university students like to watch movies? I would say a big number. Thata��s positive. But what is the number […]

The Age of Neo-Illiteracy

Quantitative studies can be boring, and often are misleading. However, I always use statistics to define the level of my university classrooms in Lebanon. Recurrent questions I ask concern reading. Strange how in few years, the average percentage of readers in three different private universities drastically dropped: 40% in 2007… 1% in 2013. In fact, […]

IDLE NO MORE in Lebanon!

University classrooms are known to be the root of knowledge. University classrooms stimulate the mind, stretch the limits and allow young people to think outside the box, to simply think for themselves. How true is this? During a class led by Dr. Pamela Chrabieh I occupied an observer’s seat. It was a session of movie […]

Fairy Tales!

I started to think about this subject a year ago when I used to read old stories and Disney tales to my daughter. Hungry wolves, bad witches, scary monsters, greedy giants, heroic princes and  beautiful princesses, living happily ever after in a castle, served by hundreds of maids and low-class workers… Old stories with themes […]


« Que faire face au chaos dans lequel nous vivons au Liban ? ». Telle est la question qui me fut posée par des étudiants-es universitaires il y a quelques jours, à la suite du visionnement du documentaire produit par Pierre Dawalibi « The Lebanon I dream of ». « Une révolution à l’égyptienne ? Une guerre à la syrienne ? Des manifestations […]

One Morning at the Lebanese University : the Essence of Smiles

Festooned with scars, dirty walls, silence and drillers, on the side of the corridor, a happy cockroach that’d died with a smile on his moustache, a hallway, a room, then a hallway then another room… We went, my friend and I, she a professor of religious studies, I a professor of philosophy, festooned with curriculum […]