Violence Against Women is Never Acceptable

Joyce DrobotViolence against women is never acceptable, cannot be tolerated in any form, in any context, in any circumstances.

Ban Ki-Moon, the UN Secretary general launched in 2008 the campaign to “end the violence against women” that aims to prevent and eliminate violence against women and girls in all parts in the world.

Types of violence against women:
Behaviors included in the broad category of violence against women include homicide, intimate partner abuse, psychological abuse, dating violence, same sex violence, elder abuse, sexual assault, date rape, acquaintance rape, marital rape, stranger rape and economic abuse.

The effects of this violence can negatively affect a woman’s reproductive health, as well as other aspects of her physical and mental well-being.
Long term risks include chronic pain, physical disability, drug and alcohol abuse and depression.
Even pregnant women are not immune from physical violence inflicted by partners.

Globally and domestically, violence against women is pandemic and it primarily happens in the context of the home. Women are the overwhelming targets of intimate partner and domestic violence.
Everyone suffers. The women suffer long term social, emotional, physical and economic trauma. Their children, likewise- girls being more likely to become victims, boys abusers.

Rape of women is a tool of war. Women and children are trafficked for the sexual pleasure of men. Even in the most civilized societies, women and children are raped, most often by acquaintances and intimates, at an appealing rate.
Violence against women is a constant and specific kind of crime.

Because men can easily dominate women physically, the social compact depends on all of us condemning and controlling this very specific kind of crime.

The way domestic violence is treated in our justice system is rotten to the core.

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