Courage… It’s this inner voice… Talking to you every morning while drinking your coffee and wondering about the rest of your day, and every night before sleeping: ‘try again tomorrow’, Asking you to be patient while driving for hours to your work, stuck in Beirut traffic, noise and air pollution, Giving you strength to look […]

The Gravest Sin

The Gravest Sin You declared Endless adoration, Now you kneel Seeking salvation. And the gift I bestowed on you Is now penance’ Sacrificial ewe. Down it sinks Casket in the soil. The pious infidel Pleads in turmoil, While luring Eve- Past sagacious, present fool, Am your mirror; The reflection of your soul. Watch the coward […]

Like a Grain of Salt (انتم ملح الأرض‎)

  In our colorful life of different shades of greens, reds and blues, we trace our individuality. We create the cocoon in which we survive and in it, is born our world of imagination, vision and dreams. Like a priceless treasure, we learn and grow to protect our inner richness and value. We are the […]