The Sultan's Harem (Harim el Sultan)

You definitely heard of the new Turkish soap opera “Harim el Sultan” (The Sultan’s Harem). The series is inspired from real historical events, and focuses specifically on the harem, scattered with danger, hatred, and a constant competitiveness to the sultan’s heart. The Sultan’s Harem has gained wide success and popularity across the Arab world, but […]

Hideous Sexism – Pranks on National Television

DISCLAIMER: This article is not an attack on anybody in particular. This is a mere presentation of an opinion drawn after hearing about a prank. a�?Jerks in masks try to grab girls in the nighta�?. This is the way a friend of mine described a prank that was aired on national television. I searched for […]

For Her & For Him

Ita��s cute when brands do a a�?For Hima�? and a�?For Hera�? ideas. This, though, becomes the focus of everybody around the holidays, any holiday, and could easily get out of line. In the traffic jam of Mount Lebanon and Beirut, drivers listen to music and look out their window. Ads all over the highway promote […]

De la Télévision et du Sexisme : le Cas de la Série Made in Lebanon ‘Ruby’

Une majorité de femmes libanaises a suivi religieusement pendant plusieurs semaines cette année la série télévisée ‘Ruby’ ou l’histoire d’une jeune femme issue d’un milieu défavorisé qui use de ses charmes et mensonges pour fuir la précarité.  Voulant comprendre l’étrange attirance qu’exerce ce feuilleton Made in Lebanon, je me suis penchée sur quelques épisodes et […]