My Story with my Mother-in-Law

I’m sure most of you married young ladies have encountered in your life tensions and-or conflicts with your mothers-in-law. By the way, this is not a problem limited to one country. I’m from the UAE and I live currently in Europe. I used to be married several years ago and my marriage ended partly because […]

Men are Natural Warriors, but a Woman in Battle is Truly Blood-Thirsty

I was lately told that I am not a warrior and it offended me. True I am not villainous, I do not use physical weapons or Machiavellian schemes, nor do I play games to get what I want – even if there are women who do in the Middle East. True I am a pacifist […]

Du Féminisme… Une relecture

En deuxième année d’université, dans le cadre de mon cours d’anglais, je devais faire une présentation orale. Sujet au choix. Après m’être trituré la tête pendant plusieurs jours, une amie m’a indirectement donné l’idée de parler du féminisme. Le thème m’avait semblé approprié pour prouver que je savais m’exprimer clairement en anglais… Malheureusement, c’était bien […]

Fathers and Sons, and the Middle Eastern Mentality

Fathers and sons bond by making fun of their wives and sisters respectively. Ita��s as simple as a statement as a�?Theya��re women! What do you expect?a�?. They have a laugh and brush off anything that was said as if ita��s nothing significant. This is Lebanon. This is the mentality in a big number of houses. […]